Tuesday, March 19, 2013


          So apparently Google Reader will be no more soon and I'm not really sure what that means or if it effects Google friend connect, but I've seen enough warnings that I figured I should just put one up for good measure. Anyway if you're like me and are just unsure what it all means a good way to make sure all the blogs you follow are safe is to import them to Bloglovin'. If you don't have a bloglovin' account it's pretty easy to do and a good way to keep track of all your blogs. Anyway if you already have a bloglovin' account then all you have to do is go to the account button on the upper right hand corner, click on settings and then click on import blogs which is located at the bottom of the settings page in the "other" category. This will insure that whatever Google ends up doing all your favorite blogs, including this one, will be safe. If you don't feel like importing all your blogs you can just click on the bloglovin' button in the "follow me" side bar and you can just follow my blog on bloglovin'.

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  1. Yes - I did the switch to Bloglovin, it was very easy to do and I'm finding I like the set up so far to use for all my blogs, so we'll see how things go!