Friday, January 11, 2013

New Year's Eve: Happy 2013!!

Outfit without the cardi, notice the dancing glasses.

  Cardigan: Vintage  Shirt: forever 21  Skirt: ASOS  Tights: Target  Boots: Payless  

         Sorry this post is so late, a bug is going around my workplace and I started getting sick Dec 30 and my cold only worsened until recently. So, I figured i'd spare you photos of me looking like a chapped nosed zombie. Aren't colds fun? Anyway despite feeling a little under the weather on NYE I still went out dancing. The only thing I knew I wanted to wear for NYE was my leather skirt, so I spent a good amount of time in december trying to drum up cute tops to go with the skirt. It wasn't until Dec 30 that I finally figured out what to wear. I had been to a couple stores but found nothing, so I dug though my wardrobe and found this killer cardigan that I hadn't worn since prom. I love it but it's a little over the top, perfect for NYE! It's a little warm, as it's cashmere, so I knew I wanted to pair it with a light weight top as i'd probably end up taking it off during the night.  The shirt is from forever 21 and is one i'd been stocking for awhile. It's sparkly and sheer and something I would actually wear post new years eve.
        I have to say i'm pretty into this outfit.  I would have worn heels but I wanted to dance, was sick, and am not a big heel wearer. So I opted for these boots instead, I think they work pretty well. Anyway this is how I rung in the New Year before my illness took over and I was carrying around a box of tissues and drinking copious ammounts of liquids. Happy 2013 everyone!

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