Friday, December 28, 2012

Best of 2012: Thrift Finds

Can you believe that next week it'll be 2013? It seems like this year has gone by so quickly. 2012 was a pretty decent year for me, not great but not bad, so to give it a proper farewell I figured I'd do some best of, and one worst of , lists before the new year.  So here are my favorite thrift finds of 2012:

 1. Broyhill Brasilia Dresser

This is my favorite thrift find of the year by far. I'd been obsessed with brasilia for awhile so when I found this beauty at the salvation army for $85.00 I couldn't believe my luck. Yes it was a pain in the ass to move but it makes me happy everytime I see it. Love this dresser.

 2. $30 Couch

This was another thrift find that was a bitch to move but I love it so much! That funky design, I even love the ugly green upholstery. We finally moved this into our TV room and it looks really good.

2. Cathrineholm!

I found these on my first trip to a new-ish thrift store and I love them so.

4. Fish TV lamp

 I mean look at all that fishy goodness. #totesamaze

 5. Snowflake Pyrex

6. Green Wheat Pyrex

7. Ugly Mushroom Canisters

 I saw a whole collection of these for $118.00 on I got these for maybe $10 total. Gotta love thrift stores and ugly mushroom cannisters.

8. Blue Haven Cinderella Bowl

9. Flower Print

 Pretty sure I saw this in Bryce Dallas Howard's character's house in The Help. Just sayin.

10. Haeger Baby Planter

11. Siesta Ware tiki cups. 

12. Newest Thrift find: Target vintage inspired bowl

This is the only non-vintage item on the list and my most recent thrift find. I'd admired this collection from Target but knew if I was patient I'd probably be able to find some pieces at the thrift store and I found this bad boy on Christmas eve. Patience is a virtue, especially at the thrift store.

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