Saturday, September 1, 2012

super casual maxi

Shirt: Target Skirt: ebay (originally AA) shoes: DV for Dolce Vita

            I wore this outfit last weekend to run some errands. I bought this skirt during my maxi skirt obsession earlier this year. I was really into American Apparel maxis but they're a little expensive so I looked on ebay and found this one for $25. Although it has two layers of chiffon the skirt is still pretty sheer, but I don't have a huge problem with that as I often wear shorts under my skirts anyway. When I first got the skirt I wasn't sure how I wanted to style it. I had a black shirt I liked but not with the skirt. Finally I tried it on with this t-shirt and it clicked. I got the t-shirt a few years ago and am sad to say that it's pretty much been relegated to lounge wear. It has holes in it and isn't really right to wear outside unless it's knotted like so. Anyway I'm still in love with Maxi's and I think I may have to invest in a jersey maxi for fall. There's just something about wearing a long skirt that makes you feel like a lady.


  1. Love this! I agree, a maxi skirt does feel classy. Yet so comfy too!

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