Friday, June 1, 2012

Dark Shadows

Top & Pants: Thrift   Shoes: Gifted  

       I wore this outfit to go see Dark Shadows with my mom. My mom's birthday was Tuesday and she loved the Dark Shadows soap opera as a kid so we saw it as part of her birthday weekend. Unfortunately the movie was bad, I mean really bad. Not even so bad it's good, just bad. If you really want to see it I suggest you rent it on DVD. It had some much potential, Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter, vampires and campy 60's/70's soap opera, sadly none of that made anywhere near a good movie. It was kind of disappointing. I did though finally see The Hunger Games movie the night before, which was actually pretty good, so I wasn't too bummed. Since i've been trying to read more I've got in the habit of reading books that have recently been turned into movies. I recently finished the whole Girl with the Dragon tattoo series and the first Hunger Games book. I would be reading the second book but apparently it's a pretty popular book and there's quite a wait for the book at the library.

As you can see I'm currently #971 out of 1162 waiting to get their hands on the second book.

 I might cave and buy the books but I think I can wait it out.  I did though get to go to a thrift store near the theater for a minute. It's one of my favorite thrift stores and it had some good stuff but I wasn't able to really dig in because we had to go to the movie soon. I'll definitely have to go back. Have you seen any movies lately?

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  1. Your top is really cute!

    We saw the Five Year Engagement last weekend, pretty predictable, but cute.