Monday, May 14, 2012

Thrift Find of the Year?

Last wednesday I went to the dentist and the dentist is near my local thrift route. I wasn't really sure if I wanted to go thrifting or not and sort of went back in fourth in my mind but decided to go. Savers was having a mothers day sale which was 30% off clothes, accessories (not jewelry) and bedding. I went to Savers and didn't find anything good but was kind of in the groove and decided to go to the other three.
Goodwill was OK, I found a cool piece of comic book art that someone made. The frame is crap but I thought the art was actually really good and nerdy. I've recently been looking more for cool art at thrift stores but haven't had much luck. So I liked this enough to get it.

 After goodwill I went to the Salvation Army, I didn't expect to find anything since though it's on my route it hadn't heeded any great finds. so I was browsing and went to the furniture section to see if I could find anything cute and mid century. I didn't really see anything but I did see a dresser that looked kind of like campaign furniture, but wasn't. So I went over to look at it and then when I saw it wasn't campaign I looked to my left and recognized a distinctive handle of ... a Broyhill Brasilia dresser! I almost couldn't believe it, I looked it over to make sure, grabbed the whole tag (apparently you're only supposed to get the bottom of it) and giddily sped to the register. It was $79.99 but with tax it came out to $85.00! I've been stalking Broyhill Brasilia online and recently saw a local vintage re-seller sell a credenza for $400.00. And on Craigslist I know mid century dressers are listed for around 100.00 to 400.00, So I knew it was a steal and I was getting it. It needs some work, someone decided to paint the top and it has a few nicks here and there but I still love it! Anyway, I was so full of adrenaline after that I couldn't look around anymore. I quickly browsed the dresses and purses and then decided I just had to go and call my mom to tell her. Unfortunately she was at work so I left a message and decided to go to my last thrift store despite my adrenaline high.

We haven't moved it to my room yet, it's kind of heavy, but this is what it looks like.

Oh hey there Oliver.

After that high I calmed down a bit and decided I should finish up my round and go to Value Village. I figured with the Brasilia find I was on one hell of a roll and shouldn't stop the momentum. Thankfully Value Village didn't disappoint and I found some cool 70's canisters. I've wanted some of these ugly kitschy canisters for a while but never bought any. These were in good shape and pretty cheap so I decided to get them. The middle one doesn't have a top, despite my searching, but I figure I can use it as a planter or vase or something.

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