Saturday, May 26, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things (this week)

1. Gabifresh's striped dress and sneaker wedges.  When sneaker wedges first hit the runway I was skeptical, way skeptical. I like sneakers and am OK with wedges but the look of a sneaker with all the reduced comfort of a wedge didn't really sound amazing. Then I kept seeing them and when I saw Gabi's take I kinda fell in love. I'm still not sure I'll be plunking down the cash to participate in this trend, but It has inspired me to dust off my sneakers and incorporate them into outfits outside of pants.

Image via Gabifresh

2. Nicolette Mason's shoe collection. I've followed Nicolette's blog for a couple years now and love her style. I knew her shoe collection was drool worthy but when I saw all the glittery goodness in one photo I'm even more envious of her awesome shoes. Check out her interview here with Glitter Guide.

Image via The Glitter Guide

3. This fabulous lady's street style via the ModCloth blog. I saw this image on pinterest and immediately loved it. The cat eye glasses and the mint and polka dots, this lady has some serious style..
Image via ModCloth Blog

4. Star Trek Decor. I'm kind of a trekkie.  I'm not a super serious I speak Klingon and go to star trek conventions one, though I'd totally go to one. But I do like star trek. I've watched a lot of the original series and some of next generation. So I kind of love all the star trek paraphernalia I've found via pinterest. Most notably this awesome vintage light and these cool pillows.
vintage star trek light, image via Retro Renovation

star trek pillows via Yellow Bug Boutique

5. The coolest waffle iron ever. Waffle chair anyone?
apparently it's a prototype, Image via google images and pinterest

6.  This pineapple slicer. I love pineapple but don't like paying extra for the pre-cut stuff and aren't a huge fan of carving it manually. So, when i saw this I was kind of in love, I think I need one.
Vacu Vin Pineapple Slicer, image via pinterest

7. JULIA SARR JAMOIS. Her style, her hair, I love it all.

 *all images via google images

8. Jewelry from Nasty Gal. 
All images via Nasty Gal

9. This collar from ASOS. My mom has a vintage collar that I thought I could wear but it has some stains, tears, and is in need or repair. I will attempt to fix it but in the meantime this collar from ASOS is a close match to it and I'm kind of in love with it.

Image via ASOS

                                                                    image via ASOS

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