Friday, April 6, 2012


       Since venturing in to the wide world of Pyrex and other retro cookware (but mostly Pyrex) I've been amazed at the wealth of knowledge available through blogs on the subject. For example I know of five blogs devoted solely to Pyrex. It's nice for research purposes, most of the work is done for you, but still a bit odd. Every time I visit one such site I imagine a person out in the world with and encyclopedic knowledge of all things Pyrex. Said person is like half human half Pyrex fact spewing robot, they can spot Pyrex from a mile away and bark out it's model number in a nano second. Kind of like that 80's show Small wonder, except the person only knows about retro cookery.
        Anyway I went to the second day on an estate sale last Sunday that had pictures of two pieces of Pyrex online. One was a small pink one that I was more interested in but was gone by the time we go there, the other was the piece above. I actually kind of like the piece it looks oddly good in our living room and it strays a bit from the traditional Pyrex designs. I got it for 3 bucks and that included it's shmancy warmer, score. After that we tried to find a thrift store we had passed earlier to no avail and then went to a thrift store we knew how to get to. I got a few tops there and vintage jacket/sweater. A pretty good thrift day. I'm definitely going to go back to visit the two thrift store we saw near the estate sale. Thrift stores in the suburbs/ outer metro can be gold mines.

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