Monday, April 23, 2012

Dot-ing it and Dot-ing it and Dot-ing it well

Photo bombed by Tang yet again

Top & Pants : Thrifted Cardigan: Vintage Boots: Gifted

        The weather has gotten colder in recent weeks, well not really "cold" as it's normal temps for April, cold in the sense that we had highs in the 70's just a few weeks ago. Anyway this "cold" snap has allowed me to show you some of the cold weather outfits I didn't have the chance to Blog earlier this year. I'd been dying to debut this outfit for a while, I conceived of it while watching the Nate Berkus show last year. Nate had a fashion-y person on who put together an outfit using camel and polka-dots. While watching I though hey I have something like that! Unfortunately my lovely polka-dot shirt is a tad bit short and I was in need of high waisted jeans to pull off the look. Luckily I thrifted these pants a couple months ago and was finally able to live out my outfit in real life. I have to admit I'm pretty happy with how the outfit turned out. I got the top a year or so ago but haven't really been able to wear it. It's a bit short and it kind of has a peplum at the bottom. The shortness of the shirt means that the peplum hits at a rather unflattering place, on the tummy. So the best ways I've found to wear it is tucked in or under a cardigan/blazer. Despite it's limitations I'm still in love with the shirt and will be wearing it a lot more this summer. I know you're probably sick to death of this cardigan but I love it, so I can't help adding it to outfits when it's cold. It's a perfect neutral color and it's cashmere so it's incredibly soft and warm. Every time I wear it I think I need to add more cashmere to my wardrobe. Anyway  I'll try and do more outfits without the cardigan and if that doesn't work I obviously won't be sporting this cardi in the summer. 
         I wore this outfit to go pick up a copy of The Hunger Games from the library and check out some thrift stores. I finally got a super savers card, I tried to do it earlier but my printer wasn't cooperating that day. Anyway I go to savers regularly so I might as well receive some of the benefits that go with the super savers card. I still haven't seen the Hunger Games movie, but plan to soon. I just started the book, it's a pretty easy read and think I'll finish it soon. Oh and you may have noticed I got new glasses! I got these from Coastal Contacts. I wish the plastic part on top was a tad thicker but I like them.  I would definitely recommend Coastal, they have cute cheap glasses and if you order for the first time with them and put in the code FIRSTPAIRFREE they'll give you a huge discount. My order also came speedily (in just a couple days) and shipping was free! I like that now I have more options with my eye-wear. I can wear my old glasses, these new ones or go with contacts whenever I want to change up my look.

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