Friday, October 7, 2011

Current Obsession: H&M

H&M fall 2011


Though I like H&M in theory I've never really had the greatest luck there. I see a ton of bloggers in their clothes and they look great but whenever I get to the store they're either out of the things I want in my size or I'm just not into what I have enough to buy it. Add on to that the fact that all their stores in my metro area are in malls, places I haven't visited frequently since early high school, and H&M is more of a hit and miss for me. Recently though I came upon their website and it was a little different. Last year H&M started having online shopping in Europe and now it looks as if they're allowing it for the US too. This is especially exciting since now I may have a better chance of finding things in my size and I can look and buy their clothes with out making a trip to the mall. Online shopping isn't really up, at least in my "area", but the site is set up for it and a buy button can't be too far off. Anyway while on the site I was browsing they're pecies and have fallen in love with quite a few of them, especially the dresses. My favorites are probably the red dress, deer sweater and orange wrap dress. I'm still very broke but if I get some money and am at the mall anytime soon I'll definitely be trying those things on and possibly buying.

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