Thursday, February 11, 2016

Chic for the Winter

          It's February and winter is officially at its apex. This time of year, at least here in Minnesota/ the north, cute gives way to functional when temperatures drop. My normal pajama uniform year round usually includes shorts and whatever over-sized clean shirt I have laying around, sexy I know. And honestly I don't think much about lingerie since I, like many, think of  as more of a date night/ special occasion undergarment. But I saw a YouTube video with Dita Von Teese recently and she espoused the tenants of wearing lingerie everyday. Basically she said that lingerie can be a way to have a little glamour in your everyday life. I love that idea of everyday glamour so when Adore Me, an online lingerie retailer that caters to all shapes and sizes, contacted me to do a post on what "comfy chic" looks like to me during these frosty nights I jumped at the chance. I thought it was a good time to put Dita's words to the test and think of ways I could incorporate everyday glamour into my rather blah nighttime ensembles. It also doesn't hurt that Valentine's day is right around the corner and and sudden injection of a little something sexy is always appreciated.


The first step to integrating sexy lingerie into your winter night routine is picking what works for you and what you feel confident and comfortable in. Lingerie doesn't have to be for a significant other it can be just for you, something only you know about that makes you feel sexy and confident. To be honest for a long time I didn't think Lingerie was for me, low self-esteem and the idea that sexy only pertained to one sort of supermodel physique meant I was late to hop on the lingerie express. But once I learned to love myself and my body no matter it's size I began to dive head first into the wide, but also frustrating, world of lingerie. The only problem? It can be hard to find cute, quality, and affordable lingerie in my size. So I'm so glad Adore Me caters to all women, because all women are sexy and deserve to feel so.

That said when it comes to sleepwear I'm more on the shlubby/ practical end of the spectrum than the sexy. But I've wanted to find little ways to make my sleep ensembles a little cuter and sexier for a while now.   Here are three ways I like to inject a little heat into my frigid winter night sleepwear.

1. The Everyday


Going from shlubby to glamour is a big jump, and let's be honest it's cold out there and the chances of me snuggling into bed in just my skivvies on the regular is highly unlikely. A cute lingerie set adds a little added glamour to anything, even if it's just your sweats or new favorite pair of Pizza pajamas. My favorite way to do this is with bright colors and fun patterns. Lace or a classic polka dot always adds a fun touch to any ensemble, even if you're the only one that sees it.



2.  Upgrade ME

Angie  & Matilde 

Another way to add a little spice to your night time ensembles is to get some pajamas that are comfortable, warm, and cute. We all know the power of a great outfit but who says your nightwear can't make you feel just as good as your favorite go-to outfit. I'm a shorts and t-shirt girl myself when it comes to sleepwear, so to upgrade I immediately go for a cute and classic pajama set like those seen above.  If you don't like the traditional pajama set you can also wear a fun PJ set that has some unexpected lace accents and fun cutouts for a comfortable but still sexy look.

Annabelle & Beatrix

If you're more of a night dress kinda gal you can upgrade to simple slip with some sexy details. 



Are you on the opposite end of the heat spectrum from me and often get cold at night? You can get the pants version of these pajama sets, layer your pjs with pajama pants and a cardigan, or throw on a nice warm robe. 

3. Sometimes Sexy 


Finally we all have those special nights, like I dunno a certain highly popular date night in February, when we want to wear something that's just plain sexy. To heat up that cold February night you can go for a sexy slip or go all the way and find a great set of lingerie. Personally I love vintage inspired lingerie, nothing makes me feel more confident then something that makes me feel like a modern day pin-up. This generally includes a sexy bra and a high-waisted bottom. But unexpected details like a racer back and cute lace accents as seen in the set above are also a great way to heat up any date night. Add a sexy silk robe to add a fun element of surprise in the boudoir.  

Annette and Azura 



 No matter how you inject a little glamour into your sleep routine remember to find something you're confident in that fits your personality. You don't have to be an "angel" to feel sexy. If you like any of the sets above all can be found on Adore Me

** This post was created in conjunction with Adore Me. All views are my own,  all photos provided by Adore Me